Karl Daniel Lidén Produktion
Recording-, mix- and mastering engineer

Karl Daniel Lidén Produktion

Providing professional services in the area of audio recording,
mixing and mastering since 2007.

Proudly working mainly (or should I say solely) with independent artists, my goal is to bring the knowledge, experience and critical/analytical ears required to bring out the absolute best in your material.

No two projects are the same and as such, there is no set template that is being haphazardly applied as every project is different requiring different tools and approaches. This is true for all aspects of a production whether it be recording, mixing or mastering. What is equal in all projects is my level of commitment in making your material sound its very best.
You've worked hard crafting your songs, they should be treated with the attention and dedication they deserve. Assembly line work ethics is not how I roll.


Graduating with flying colors from The SAE Institute (School of Audio Engineering) in 2007, my experience started to accumulate several years prior from being in and around recording studios with the bands I've been a part of over the years, from Dozer, Greenleaf & The Old Wind to current endeavours in A Swarm Of The Sun & Vaka.
There you have it. Short and sweet.